4 Eye Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Halloween

Moein Habibi, Oct 26, 22

October has arrived, which means a lot of families are looking forward to celebrating Halloween and the festivities that come along with it! Are you planning on dressing up and going out for Halloween? If so, it is important to keep your eye safety in mind. 

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recently shared some tips to keep your eyes protected on Halloween, and we thought it would be valuable for us to share that information with each of you! So without further ado, here are 4 eye safety tips to keep in mind this halloween:


ONLY Purchase Coloured Contact Lenses from Your Optometrist.

Cosmetic or coloured contact lenses tend to be particularly popular at Halloween. Did you know that both contact lenses for visual correction and cosmetic contact lenses are classified as medical devices? That means that each type of contact lens can pose risks if it is improperly fit, used, or cared for. 

Unfortunately, complications from improper contact lens use can be extremely serious and even lead to vision loss. That’s why it is critical that you do NOT purchase your cosmetic contacts from a costume store, but rather from licensed eye care professionals (like Charm Optical!). We can help you pick out your coloured contacts and properly fit them, as well as provide you with the appropriate use and care instructions. 

We also recommend that you read the instructions that accompany any package of cosmetic contact lenses to help minimize the risks associated with these medical devices. If blurred vision, redness, discomfort, swelling or discharge occurs, stop using the lenses immediately and see our Optometrist at Charm Optical. 


Be Cautious With Your Eye Makeup and Practice Good Eye Hygiene.

Are you planning on trying out a new makeup look this halloween? It is important to consider the ingredients in the products you use, as well as the ways you can keep your eyes safe in the process.

We recommend that you use makeup that is hypo-allergenic and make sure that any additives to the products are approved (check the recalls list at Health Canada if you are unsure!). Furthermore, when you are applying products near or around the eye, be sure to stay away from your lash line (the area where some individuals normally apply eyeliner) unless the product is specifically approved for use in that area. NEVER use blush or lip-liner to create a red effect around your eyes, since some ingredients may not be approved for use around your eyes, and bacteria from the mouth can be transmitted to the eye this way.


Keep Your Costumes Safe!

One way that you can help prevent eye injuries on Halloween is by keeping your costumes and accessories as safe as possible. We suggest that you avoid accessorizing you or your childrens’ costumes with sharp or pointed objects (such as swords). If your child must carry a sword for the costume, we recommend securing it to the clothing. 

If you or your child does get poked in the eye on Halloween (or any day for that matter), thoroughly check it for any signs of redness and ask about decreased vision or pain. Eye injuries may be more serious than they appear. If your child is experiencing any pain, blurred vision, or if the eye is discoloured or bloodshot, we suggest that you take them to see their Eye Doctor as soon as possible. 


Take Measures to Stay Visible at Night. 

Make sure that you can see and be seen! To increase visibility, use reflective tape on costumes and treat bags. You could also take a flashlight or wearable LED light with you on Halloween so that you can see clearly in the dark as well! 


Happy Halloween!

We hope that you have a fun-filled and safe Halloween! When you need eye advice or care in Edmonton, Alberta, look no further than Charm Optical. Our optometric experts are always here and happy to help. Learn more and get in touch at https://charmoptical.ca