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Last Updated: May 28, 2021

Charm Optical Privacy Policy 

Charm Optical takes your privacy very seriously.

We will never give away or sell your email address or anything about you to anybody - we might not even tell ourselves. Similarly, any details you give us will be held only by Charm Optical for the purpose of getting your mega-awesome new glasses or contacts or anything else you got from us to you. 

If you give us your email address, we'll probably add you to our mailing list. But if you don't want to be on it, just let us know and we'll take you off right away.

Charm Optical collects some basic information about your visit to our website - We use Google Analytics and/or StatCounter to monitor how people are using this website.

Both of these services use "cookies" and "IP Addresses" (you can google them if you like)

As industry-standard methods of monitoring website usage. None of this information reveals anything personal about you - so don't worry. For example... we might know that Somebody from the Yukon region spent a while looking at the gallery before spending time perusing the Contact lenses, we will know that they had a Mac, and that they used Safari as a browser. But we won't know where they live, or that their name is Bob Ross, or their phone number, or that they like Piña Coladas. Statistics information is kept strictly to ourselves.

Return and Refund Policy 

Contact lenses + Eyecare Return Policy
Due to health factors, we cannot accept open boxes. All Contact lenses and eye care products are accepted for return if the package is completely sealed and not opened at all.

Glasses Return Policy
That's an easy one, just contact us over email or phone call, and we will take care of it for you.


All items returned to Charm Optical are done so at the buyer's expense. The items must be properly packaged to prevent damage and fully insured. Please notify us of the tracking number so we can follow the progress of the parcel. Funds will not be reimbursed until we receive the products and are happy with the condition. The refund will be the amount paid less the shipping/handling fees

Products must be returned within 30days ( this applies for both contact lenses and glasses)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or about your order, the practices of this Website, or if you have any helpful suggestions on how we can improve what we do in this area, or if you want to exercise any of the rights that you are given under this Privacy Policy, lets chat, and our email is,