Meet the Charm Family

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  • 1978


  • 1995


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  • 2017


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1995, Charm Optical roots started from here, where our parents launched the optical Business. Started with 3 people, Mom, Dad and our amazing Optometrist.

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1975, Dad with a classic mustache look, while edging glasses

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1980, Till this day, we don't know who that guy is. Lets call him Uncle Tom (the one standing)

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2002, started helping the business with my dad.

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2017, Charm Optical was established

Meet our staff

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Moe + Navid
The brothers

Two brothers, one wears glasses, the other doesn’t and together we decided to open an optical store.

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Navid Habibi
Store Manager | Optician | Older brother

Navid is a Father of 2 kids and an amazingly supportive wife. Navid is a hard-working fella. Always tries his best to make sure everything is aligned perfectly. With a background in dentistry, he decided it was time to invest his time where the family roots were, which is in the optical business. Always thankful and the rest is history

Pro-tip, You can talk to Navid about optical stuff and tips and tricks to have a better lawn.

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Moe Habibi
Manager | Younger Brother

Moe, is the younger brother in the family, started his journey as a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker. To this day, Moe says, if it was up to his brother, the business would be running by excel sheet and BIC pen.

We drove each other crazy, but thankful that we have each other and that we support each other unconditionally.

Pro-tip, You can talk to Moe about pizza, coffee and hidden gems because he is a foodie person.

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Dr. Mohamed El-Mustapha

Dr. Mohamed El-Mustapha was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Ever since he was young he had a passion for the human anatomy, especially the eye. After attending Concordia University for his bachelor’s of science, he completed his doctorate degree at IAUPR school of optometry and graduated with honours.

Today he is devoted to offering exceptional patient care and satisfaction, he believes that patient education is crucial for good ocular health and vision. He has a special interest in ocular disease, neuro-optometry, pediatrics and geriatrics.

Dr. Mustapha is an active member of the Alberta Association of optometrists and the Canadian Optometry Association. Dr. Mustapha can administer examinations in English, Arabic and Spanish. During his time off, he is enjoying family activities with his wife and three kids.