Contact Lens Applicator and Remover

Jannifer Smith, Apr 28, 22

While applying a contact lens with your hands you need to make sure that your hands are clean and dry but Sometimes even after cleaning them properly, some germs can stick to the surface of the lens. Or some people have an issue while putting lens or removing it from the eye with their hands, and that's why you can look for the option of contact lens applicatory and remover. There is a variety of applicators available in the market but you need to choose the best out of them as when it comes to eyes, there is nothing more precious than them and you need to take care of them properly. Here we will discuss how to use this applicator, where is it available, and is it safe to use it or not?

So let's Begin with your First Query!

Is it safe to use a lens applicator?

You might have listened a lot about the lens applicators and lens removers but due to some confusion or fear of getting hurt, you have not used them at all. But you need to clear this confusion right now as it is the safest way to insert and remove the lens from your eyes by keeping your eyes safe from dust and germs that our hands carry.

Even if you use colored contacts to make your looks attractive or prescribed lenses, a lens applicator can make your life easy.

How to use a lens applicator?

Here we are going to tell you how to use the lens applicator step-by-step.

  • Wash your hands properly even when you are going to apply the lens with a lens applicator (your hands might contain dust particles or other germs that can blur the surface of the lens or can irritate your eye if it contains germs)
  • Mostly the applicator has a silicon tip to grab the lens.
  • Pick the lens from the lens case with the tweezer and shake it until the liquid that sticks to its surface fall.
  • Then place the lens on the silicon tip of the applicator
  • Pull the lower eyelid with your hand and make sure most of the white area of the eyes shows up
  • Then place the lens in the eyes gently.
  • Then check the lens that sticks to the eye surface.

You can do this while standing in front of the mirror, and in the process, your both hands will be busy so you need to place the mirror somewhere you can see clearly. You might get confused when you will use it for the first time, but if you follow these steps properly, there will be no confusion.

How to remove the lens with contact lens remover?

  • While following the same process of hand cleaning, grab the lens
  • Look upward and gently move the lens towards the white area of the eye
  • Then stick the lens remover with the lens
  • Gently remove it from the eye

It is safe to use contact lens remover and the fastest way to remove the lens.

Contact lens applicator for soft lenses:

Some people are comfortable with their fingers inserting and removing the soft lenses but some people got the issue of getting stick your lens with their fingers. Sometimes you eat something with your fingers, your hands do not get washed properly and when you touch the lenses, the particles stick to their surface. So even soft lenses need a lens applicator to avoid these issues. You don't need to worry about the hands just pick the lens with a lens applicator and put it into your eyes.

Lens applicator for hard lenses:

More than soft lenses, you need a lens applicator for hard lenses. It is really difficult to apply a lens with fingers and that's why you need to bring comfort to your life with a lens applicator. You might get irritated in the morning when you think about putting the lens in your eyes with your fingers. But the real comfort has come, and I just picked this opportunity by lens applicator for hard lenses. Hard lenses are prescribed for those patients whose cornea is irregular and putting a lens is hard. Attach the third part of the applicator with the solution and attach the lens to it. Put the lens in the eye and press it a little and remove the applicator from the eye. Make sure that it sticks to the eyes well by moving the eye in different directions.

Where can you find a lens applicator in Canada?

These accessories of lenses are available in different online brands in Canada like, amazon,, king west care, billion air beauties, contact lens kit, etc. it is a straightforward way to find these accessories when you have a short time and cannot go shopping.

Proper care of lens applicator:

You need to take care of this tool properly as it will stick to the lens, and your lens can get blurred if the applicator is dirty. Wash it properly before using it and put it in its case.

Final thought:

Contact lens applicator and remover is the tool that provides an easy way to put the lens in the eyes and remove it. When you come home after a long day, you cannot waste time standing in front of the mirror and removing lenses from your eyes. Even when the day starts, you get irritated when you are trying to apply a lens, and it is not getting into the eye. Lens applicator will help you to avoid these troubles and start a new journey with great this tool.