Do’s and Don’ts While Wearing Contact Lenses

Jannifer Smith, Feb 21, 22

Without contacts, your vision is blurry, and you cannot take a step out of your house without wearing it if your eyesight is weak.

We all know the importance of contacts as they are a lifesaver, but in some situations or places, you need to put them out of your eyes. Here we will discuss some precautions you need if you are using contact lenses.

We know that you must have some instructions not to get an infection or other damage to your eyes.

Do these things if you wear contacts

  • Wash your hands:

Before putting a contact lens in your eye or touching the lens, you need to wash your hands so that any bacteria on your hand might not enter the eye. Always dry your hands after washing hands with soap that is perfume-free.

  • Clean contact lenses after removing:

When you wear the contacts for the whole day, the dust particles and protein collect on its surface. Therefore, it is necessary to wash them before putting them into the solution.

  • Clean your lens storage case:

Before putting the lens into it again, change the solution and clean the storage case properly.

  • Regular blinking of eyes:

Complete and regular blinking of eyes helps the eyes to remain moist, and it will not allow collecting dust particles that can irritate your eyes. So even while using hair spray or during makeup, close your eyes whenever you are using some spray.

  • Keep your storage case with you:

Whenever you notice any redness or see the sign of infection, remove the lens and put it into the case. So it is necessary to keep your storage case with you almost all the time.

  • Remove lens before showering or swimming:

If you take a shower, remove the lens as water has bacteria that can damage your lens. Even before swimming, it is better to take off the lens if you can't carry out swimming without it.

  • Wear goggles in dust or smoky areas:

If you are visiting someplace where you know there will be dust or some construction site, use goggles to protect your lens. As you won't be able to cover your eyes for the whole time, don't leave your eyes open in these areas or while doing activities like running, cycling, grinding, or visiting sandy sites.

  • Keep your eyeglasses with you:

It is unlikely to have no eyeglasses when your vision is not 20/20. You can use contacts for the whole day but keep spectacles with you as sometimes, it starts to irritate or while rubbing your eyes it can come outside the eye, and you can’t put it in your eyes right away without cleaning.

  • Replace your contacts after the expiry date:

Each contact has its period, and you must replace it after it reaches its maximum life period. It is not suitable for you to use it after the expiry date as it can cause serious infections that are difficult to treat.

Don’t do these things if you wear contacts:

  • Don't wear contacts if your eyes are not in a good position:

Also, don't put on a lens if your eyes are already red or have some infection. It will increase the infection or redness in your eyes.

  • Don't soak the lens in water:

Water has many bacterias, and it is not good to soak the lens in water. Sometimes when you are out of solution, you plan to do this, but that's the worse thing that you will do to your lens and then put it into your eyes. Water contains particles, and it is strictly forbidden to dip or clean your lens with water.

  • Don’t rub your eyes:

When you rub your eyes, it becomes sensitive, and while putting your lens on, you are increasing the danger of infection or damaging your eyes more.

  • Don’t mix your lenses:

Sometimes, while putting the lens into the case, you forget to place it in the correct position and mix it in this process. Then again, you put right into left and left into the right eye that can damage your eyes. The main thing you can do to avoid this confusion is always put the right lens first and remove the left one first.

  • Don't expose the lens to extreme heat:

Extreme heat can damage your lens, and avoid putting the case in excessive heat as when you put back your lens in that case; it can damage it.

  • Don't use a lens without washing if you drop it:

Don't use it without washing it properly if you drop your lens. Eyes are a susceptible part of the body, and they can get infected very quickly and are hard to treat, so take care of them properly. Also, when you drop your lens, bacteria can stick to its surface.

  • Don't buy a lens without a prescription:

Sometimes we like some lenses and want to buy them right now, even without a prescription. However, if you are a contacts wearer, don't buy them as they can increase your eyesight or cause other issues.

Consult to your doctor:

Even after all of these precautions, you get infected, or lenses are causing redness in your eyes, you need to contact your doctor immediately. Sometimes we don't even know the situation and want to handle it in our way. That's not a good option as due to the sensitivity of the eyes, they need extreme measures, especially when your eyesight is already weak. Consulting your doctor is the best option.

However, you can avoid most of the trouble in your life by following these precautions.