Is it ok to Wear Contacts? Precautions To Use it on Daily Basis

Jannifer Smith, Apr 28, 22

At the end of the day, everyone gets an awful feeling and feels relaxed while taking off the contacts. No matter what brand you wear or what their life span is. If you have a question that, whether is it ok to wear contacts every day or not then here we have answers to your all queries and then you can use contacts without any hesitation.

Daily or Monthly Lenses:

You can wear daily lenses for almost 14 hours a day and after that, you need to dispose of them. The main benefit of dailies is that you don't need to carry solutions and you can just throw them instead of preserving them with care. Those people who mostly have irritation issues rely on dailies as they are the best solution to those eyes.

Those who have a budget issue can rely on monthly as they are the oldest contacts that were first introduced and are now most popular among people. At the end of the day, remove the lens and preserve it in its solution to reuse them. You must need to know their expiry date as sometimes in routine people forget about it and it can have a severe problem. It can cause redness, and chronic inflammation, and also can lead to infection.

How Many Hours you Can Wear Contacts Every Day?

There are no specific hours that are prescribed but mostly 14 to 16 hours are good to use contacts per day. After that eyes can get irritated with the continuous use and the next day it can cause problems when putting the contacts in the eyes. If you feel any uncomfortable situation then take them off quickly before sleeping makes sure to remove them unless they are prescribed for sleep.

You can wear lenses continuously until their expiry date has reached and you must dispose of them after it. Whether they are dailies or monthly keep in focus their last date.

Change The Solution:

You cannot keep the lens in the same solution for more than one week even if you are not using it. Especially you need to replace the solution one night before wearing them. When you wear it regularly, replace the solution with a fresh one before putting the lens into it at the end of the day. Have you ever thought about the lens case in the same way? It needed to be replaced after 3 months as it can also damage the lens if the protein gets emerge in it. When you take care of your monthly lenses properly, they will never irritate your eye and will work like dailies.

Even the colored contacts need the same precautions as they can also get damaged and can cause a severe infection of the eyes if you leave them without any proper care. Any lens that goes into your eye, whether it is prescribed or a normal lens, works like a medical device that needs proper handling and you can use them till its expiry date without any issue.

Colored or Clear Lens for Daily Use:

Some people want to make their eyes prominent and that's why they use colored prescribed lenses in their daily routine. But mostly they face the problem of dryness when they use it for long hours during the day. It is because of the pigment layer that is used in those lenses to make eyes prominent and the oxygen cannot pass properly through it. It causes hindrance and they cause dryness. That's why you need to use clear contacts in your daily routine, however, you can use color on special occasions.

Water or Disinfectant to Clean the Lenses:

When it comes to cleaning lenses always choose disinfectants to clean the lenses. Waters contain microbes and bacteria that can damage the lens and that's why it is prohibited to swim while putting lenses in the eyes. You should avoid water to making contact with lenses to use them safely. If you have a vision problem then you can use prescribed swimming googles for this, but don't put your eyes in danger by just avoiding the precautions.

Precautions for Makeup Wearers:

Those who put makeup in their routine should put their lens on eyes firstly before applying any makeup product. If you put it after applying makeup, then other ingredients of makeup can stick in the eyes with the lens that can irritate you for the whole day until you remove and clean it again.

Basic Instructions:

  • While replacing your lenses don't use a previous prescription, contact your eye doctor for instruction as the newest prescription is needed for a new pair.
  • If you are going to use your lens for a longer period (till their expiry date), then follow the instructions on how to clean or disinfect them properly? And when to change the solution?.
  • Do not make contact with your lens with water for its proper use.
  • Put the lens in the eyes with clean and dry hands.
  • Do not rub your eyes if the lens is inside it
  • Use a new solution in the lens case every time you put the lens after using it.
  • Rinse the lens properly in the solution while making sure that it is not touching any surface of the lens case.
  • Cover eyes in the dusty area

Final Thought:

If you have not taken proper care of your lenses then you need to replace them right now before any serious damage. Take care of your eyes and lenses if you want to use them on daily basis and always disinfect contacts before using them every day.