Top 10 Eyewear Brands for 2022

Jannifer Smith, Apr 04, 22

What if you want the best value for money that you can get from a pair of glasses in 2022? Well, that's what we are going to explore here.

In this era, just correction of eyesight is unnecessary; style and fashion are also required to maintain. So while a selection of eyewear, we have also kept this fact in focus to increase your personality.

Here we will also take a look at their pros and cons so that you can have a better idea while selecting the best eyewear brands for you.

We have the best eyewear brands for 2022 with a unique and wide range of brands.

Ray-ban brand:

If you want to have an iconic look, ray ban has tons of eyewear for different face shapes in various sizes. It represents of picture of fashion in the world. Their reputation is known worldwide and synonymous with remarkable design and performance. Whether you want a heavy, bulky, or soft and simple look, ray ban eyeglasses can give you a look you want.

They are available for everyone, young, male, or female. They provide the best protection to the eyes as they are specially made for this purpose. Moreover, they are durable, so that you can choose them as the number one choice like many of their other customers.


  • Huge range of styles, colors, and sizes
  • Take pictures and videos without clicking
  • Music system
  • Call quality is good
  • Facebook app will not interfere with other privacy policy


  • The time limit of video is short
  • Not water resistant
  • Poor quality of the camera


Prada is one of the prestigious and internationally recognized brands in the fashion industry.

In today's fashion scene, Prada glasses hold the top spot. This is true not only for celebrities but also for a lot of regular folks. The brand Prada connotes style and is always oriented and anticipated to fresh trends in the fashion industry.

The optical pieces from the sports collection are sporty, calm, and available in a wide range of colors. Prada sport was an idea created by the company and manufacturer, Luxocutta group, in 2009. Prada; fashion eyewear is proud to help you save your money and choose the best-designed glasses and prescription glasses.


  • Highly known for introducing new trends in the eyeglasses fashion industry
  • Provide excellent quality with comfort to wear it even for the whole day
  • Prada shades look authentic


  • They are not scratch resistant
  • They don't have a long life


Vogue eyeglasses are the perfect way to up your style without breaking the bank. So we can say that vogue is more than just a fashion magazine. They have a whole line of fashion sunglasses to ensure you stay up with the latest trends.

Vogue eyeglasses were introduced in 1973 to have people's aesthetic look with attractive eyewear. If you have an eyesight problem, you can purchase them by having a prescription to get two benefits in one frame.


  • They are classy and professional
  • Get comfort while looking iconic
  • Uv protected eyewear


Oakley has been helping its users to master the light. They bend it, focus it, shield us from it, and these are your best choice. But, unlike other brands, they have the light of their own, a light that connects you to people who you care about, gets you where you need to go, and helps you prioritize what matters.

It has unique technology where you need it and gone when you don't, hidden by design—these are the most brilliant pair of glasses.


  • Comfortable grip, eyewear stays in its position without hurting your face
  • Have long history and can be trusted
  • Rim options are great


  • Many fake versions of Oakley has somehow damaged its reputation, and you will need to find the real one to have a great experience
  • Expensive

Michael Kors:

Be epic with Michael Kors eyewear. Get ready to have a new adventure with these glasses, as when you see differently, you will experience something new. So open new light doors, wake up, and have a classy look to see a unique world.

For those who want luxury, Michael kors glasses are the best choice for them.


  • Give you glamorous looks
  • Modern and sophisticated style
  • Iconic and chic
  • Made of either plastic, metal, or stainless steel
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-reflective coating

Kate spade:

Go outside by having a unique and confident look while wearing Kate spade eyewear. From bold and stylish glasses to simple reading glasses, they have introduced mirrors for almost all face shapes in different styles, colors, and sizes.

Their main motive is to give you a colorful life without compromising your eyesight.


  • Best for those who are great readers
  • Evergreen
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Oversized frames sometimes look weird, but you can try them on your face.


Be brave and choose new glasses to try a new look as it can be a bit different and exciting. Chloe introduces new styles very often, and that's why it is best if you want to try or have a new look.

You see yourself in a new shape that you have not tried before. They help people choose, and they make some of the world's most perfect ladies' oversized frames.


  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • High-class designs


  • Not suitable if you stay almost all the time outside
  • They are light-colored


Burberry eyewear is specially made to make you able to complete your elegant look. Even if you are walking in a crowd with Burberry eyewear, you will look unique.

These glasses rock every day with warm colors as they will block all the harmful lights that give you a headache or aching in your eyes.


  • Attractive designs
  • New and adventurous colors
  • Cheap in price


  • It is not for Those who like old-fashioned glasses as they are available in unique and fresh, sharp colors.

 Nine West:

Nine west accessories collection and shoes are already famous, and eyewear is getting on top due to their unique styles. So if you want to have new and high-class frames, then nine west is the best option for you.


VERSACE allows you to have prescribed eyewear if you have a vision problem and want to look classy and fashionable simultaneously. You can get excellent quality, and even its lenses are scratch-resistant.

Final thought:

These are all the top and most famous eyewear brands, and you can choose which suits you best. All brands have their benefits and unique qualities to give you a fresh and new look. So what are you waiting for, have a good change in your boring life with this eyewear and see the world in a new light from a different perspective?