Wearing Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses

Jannifer Smith, Feb 21, 22

Wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses depends on different things but most importantly, how you want to look and whether you are comfortable while wearing them.

When choosing anything, we should know that it will have pros and cons, and then our decision should be based on our research. You might have researched on your own or might be looking for someone to guide you; either you should choose eyeglasses or contact lenses.

We are here to give you all details as we have done proper research on huge people who wear eyeglasses and contact lenses. So let’s discuss it in more information to decide without any confusion as our main concern is your eyes health and your choice.

Pros and cons of eyeglasses:

  • They are not expensive:

Once you have purchased eyeglasses, you don't need to replace them like contact lenses until your eye side increases. Then, you can use it for more than two or three years if you take good care of it.

  • They are easy to put on:

You don't need to see in the mirror to put them on and off. You can just put it on your face, and if you are tired or feel any in comfort, you can take it off.

  • They are safe:

You will not surely get an eye infection with eyeglasses; it means they are safe to use. Your fingers will not make contact with your eyes, or you don't need to put anything in your eyes if you use eyeglasses. So it can prevent any damage to your eyes.

  • Anyone can use it

There is no age limit for eyeglasses; everyone can use them, including children, teenagers, adults, and it is accessible to anybody.

Cons of eyeglasses:

  • Blurry side view:

Even when you put on your glasses, your side view will blur. They are only helpful as long as you see forward; if you need to look at other sides, they will not be beneficial to clear the vision.

  • Not suitable for athletes and gym lovers:

If you have to play any game in-ground or exercise, your eyeglasses can fall and break down. They are not safe to use when jumping, running, to cycle, or during practice.

  • Face look changes:

When using eyeglasses for vision correction, you are adding an accessory to your face. While deciding whether you should use eyeglasses, you need to determine that it will change how you usually look. It might give you a new look or change it a little bit.

  • Smudge makeup:

It is challenging for females to carry on with eyeglasses who wear makeup. It smudges makeup, and you need to refresh it after some time and make sure it won't move. Also, those ladies cannot remove eyeglasses in front of everyone. It leaves a mark on their makeup, even on the cheeks and nose.

  • Sunglasses are prohibited:

When using eyeglasses, there is no place for sunglasses in your life. However, you can find sunglasses with vision correction prescription, but they are expensive, and you need to look at your budget.

Pros and cons of contact lenses:

  • Best for exercise and sports:

While exercising or playing any game, you can focus on them as there is no need to worry about contact lenses falling off.

  • See all around:

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses give you a clear view of all sides. You can see on the sides and front because contact is covering your whole pupil, and then you can have a vision from all angles.

  • Best for makeup:

While wearing contact lenses, you don't need to worry about your makeup, as nothing touches your face.

  • Wear sunglasses:

If you are fond of sunglasses or have to wear sunglasses in sunlight, contact lenses are the best choice. However, you can wear any sunglasses and still can see clearly.

  • Feel more confident:

Contact lenses make your eyes more attractive without adding accessories to your face. Based on research, it is proven that those people who wear contact lenses are more confident than those who wear eyeglasses.

There is no frame on your face, and you can have an everyday look that you have had before having a vision problem.

Cons of contact lenses:

  • Eye infection:

Those who wear contact lenses carelessly and touch their eye often can have an eye infection. Therefore, you need to clean them properly and put them into a solution after removing them from your eyes.

Eye infection usually occurs due to carelessness when you put on contact lenses without washing your hands, and if you use them with great care, it is not possible to have an eye infection.

  • Expensive:

Everyone knows that contact lenses are expensive, and after their expiry date, you must throw them away. It also depends on what type of contact lenses you are using, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

You can purchase contacts according to your budget.

  • Dryness in eyes:

When you use contacts regularly, your eyes can get dry. But if you are working in the office then after 8 hours reaching home you can remove them. In this way, you will not have this issue also. So they are more convenient in this way.

Contact lenses vs eyeglasses or both:

Some people switch between eyeglasses and contact lenses as whenever they want a change, they can switch. So it is also preferable to look at both options. Due to the overuse of contact lenses, eyes can get dry so you can switch to eyeglasses.

You can look at these pros and cons while deciding what suits you best. But if you got some medical issues, you need to contact your eye doctor and let him decide what's best for you.