What are The Best Contact Lenses Brands?

Jannifer Smith, Nov 19, 21

Choosing lenses can be a different experience from selecting glasses. If you have not tried the lens yet and thinking about it or if you are already a user but want to purchase a new pair, then you should know some details about the brands that offer great lenses.

Why is that necessary? Why do you need to know about the brand first before trying the lens? You might think that you can go to any reliable clinic and find suitable lenses for you. But you cannot just put anything in your eyes and get an infection or itching while trying something new. So we are here to help you start a new journey of contact lenses, as it is a good thing that you will adapt. So let's start with the first brand.

1.Alcon Lenses:

Wearing lenses is not an easy task when they are continuously irritating you. Instead of focusing on work, if you focus on contact lenses and that's why you need online contact lenses that are breathable. Comfort is necessary with a clear vision, and Contact Lenses in canada allow you to see clearly without missing a beat. The main qualities of these lenses are

  • Deposit resistant/Bright Shield

The smooth surface of lenses prevents itching and allows you to wear them all day with great ease. It is like these lenses contain a shield that resists deposits even when you wear them for the whole day and every day for a month.

  • Breathable

The main feature that most of the lenses lack is missing the part of oxygen flow. Alcon lenses are stick to the eye surface naturally and continuous and rich flow of oxygen from it.

  • Retain moisture

Dryness causes an uncomfortable environment, and if you have to travel, you must look for this feature that the Alcon lens contains. These lenses retain moisture and prevent them from dying and keep them soft for the whole day.

2.Bauch and Lomb:

Patient types can be different, you might have hyperopes, myopes, presbyopia, or astigmatic, but the material quality of lenses should not be compromised. That's why Bauch and Lomb lenses can be trusted fully for their clear surface and long-term comfort. They are offering lenses made of different quality material according to the type of patient like

  • Hyperopia:

Bauch and Lomb use revolutionary technology to develop lenses for hyperopia patients with innovative material. Soft lenses solve the issue of refraction, and they have a wide range of Contact Lenses to choose which fits you the best.

  • Presbyopia:

When you are seeing from a distance having an instant focus on things is difficult, but this lens will help you have an exceptional vision while standing at any distance.

  • Aphakia:

Bauch and Lomb lenses fit Aphakia’s patients easily without causing any itching and vision problems.

  • Therapeutic Lenses:

During the healing process of optical correction, Bauch and Lomb lens are indicated as the best ones.

They are also used for

  • Astigmatism
  • Gas permeable contact lens
  • Myopia

3.Cooper Vision:

If you want to use lenses daily, then cooper vision ensures that while wearing them for one day, you want to wear them on the next day. This is because their Biofinity Monthly Contact Lenses are so soft, comfortable, and made according to the eyes difference. As two eyes are different and most of the lenses fit in one and irritate in another look.

  • Cooper Vision Technology:

Seeing is not enough, but having a clear vision is also necessary, and these lenses are made using this technology.  With the proper oxygen deliverance, these lenses stay clear and soft for the whole day.

  • Stable Sight:

Having clear visibility at one moment and at the very next you have blurred sight is the problem people face while using lenses. These special contact lenses are designed to fit for a consistent vision that remains clear.

  • PC Technology:

They do not dry even at the end of the day because the material used in these lenses attracts water and keeps the surface moisturized.

4.Johnson and Johnson:

Johnson and Johnson Contact lenses are considered the world's best company that provides lenses made with the latest technologies and addresses the fundamental problems of lens users. According to research, 90 percent of their patients prefer their contact lenses over glasses.

  • Light Resistant:

Whether you have to work in the daytime, at night, or have to stay outside all day, these lenses bear the light intensity and give you a clear vision. They also block UV rays from damaging your eyes.

  • Reliable:

Many users have been using their lenses for decades and still prefer their lenses as they are durable and comfortable.

  • You can wear these lenses for far-sighted vision and for near-daily
  • Available for different conditions and different types of patients.
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