Your Guide to Colored Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Jannifer Smith, Feb 02, 22

If you have astigmatism and are worried about your looks, you might not want to change the way you look. We all know that spectacles change the eyes of the face, so how can you see clearly without using phenomena? Here we have the option of contact lenses, but it might have already crossed your mind, but you reject to try them due to their inconvenience. Or you are already using contact lenses but have not tried colored lenses for astigmatism as you have heard something wrong about them.

It's time to convert the direction of your thoughts towards colored lenses for clear vision, even when you got astigmatism. Furthermore, it's time to add more attraction to your personality as colored contact lenses add uniqueness.

Is it possible for a person to wear colored lenses that have astigmatism? Let's clear this thought of yours, and you might find Air Optix astigmatism Canada special offers for you that will not demand you to compromise your personality or comfort.

Can Colored Contact Lenses Work for Astigmatism?

Soft lenses are also called Toric lenses used for the correction of astigmatism. These lenses are different from farsighted and nearsighted lenses as they are much more complex than simple contact lenses. The main difference between them is that they have foreign lenses power in different parts of it with asymmetrical weighting. Therefore, it prevents the lenses from moving in the eye or putting it on the eyes.

Due to their complex design and less demand, only a few industries can provide them. Even Alcon company, the most famous brand for all lenses, does not offer the color Air Optix astigmatism Canada for astigmatism. So you are left with short-range and few choices when it comes to color lenses. However, few brands of lenses still offer two types of lenses in color for astigmatism.

  • The first type of contact lens increases the natural eye color very slightly.
  • The second type of lens can give a new shade of eyes, and you can have a fresh look on your face while wearing brown or green lenses.

Prescription for colored lenses of astigmatism needs all details, even the small ones, making it more complex than the simple prescription for contact lenses. Due to its less demand and complexity, it is more costly than other lenses as when manufacturers design them, it is difficult to manufacture them with great care. Standard contact lenses are easy to find, but they are a little tricky, but it's not impossible as they are available in the market; you need to make a little more effort to find a perfect match for you.

Is There Any Other Way to Color Contact Lenses for People with Astigmatism?

It's a craze for some people to wear colored contact lenses as I've also can go to any limit to find the perfect match for me. So if you want to try a new look and want to purchase colored lenses for astigmatism correction, then you need to keep it in focus that you are rewarded with a concise range, and you need to commit yourself to find the perfect pair of lenses in such a short-range. So firstly consult your doctor as if you have got treatment for astigmatism before that, then they can give you an option of simple contact lenses. In this case, you can have a broader list of colored lenses. So now you can see even without wearing toric lenses, as simple contact lenses are the best alternative for you.

However, if you have not been treated, you are left with few choices; in fact, there are no color contact lenses made of high-quality material better for the correction of astigmatism. It would be best if you looked for LASIK, and then you can use simple lenses that do not need any prescription. They are just used for change of eye color to gain more personality and do not include any option of correcting your blurry vision.

Suitable Match for You:

Dominant industries do not offer astigmatism contact lenses in colors like Acuvue and Alcon. So few choices are left for that person, but we still have to find the options that might give you what you are looking for.

  • Seabreeze, emerald green, horizon, and grey are the colors available in the market manufactured by Poly Dev. They also offer opaque colors that can be used for a month. You can also look at the second option, like getting custom contact lenses in different colors that you want, but it can only happen if you get a prescription from your doctor as it is suitable for your eye or not.
  • Custom color contact lenses are a better alternative when you have minor astigmatism so that you can choose from a broader range.
  • Colored lenses or monthly disposable prescriptions can work in both times, day and night, and they are available in 12 different colors right at the moment in the market, offered mainly by Air Optix.


Here we have discussed all the possibilities for getting Air Optix astigmatism Canada or color contact lenses, and you might have found a better option. However, if you are still confused at some point, then contact us as we have all answers to your questions.