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Bluelight Lenses

Did you know?

Bluelight lenses help reduce eye strain caused by viewing of device like cell phone, tablets, and laptop. Especially now, with most people working from home, Monitor and your eyes is like unconditional  love! 

Sometimes you just have to rest your eyes.

Yea, I know we all love to check social media and text non stop and do some occasional work, but sometimes you just got to rest your eyes, or try too.

Get your glasses on the same day!

Yes, you read that right, if you broke your glasses and you needed glasses right away, we can help, we do offer Bluecut lenses that could be finished the same day (depends on the prescription applies for Single vision only

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Book your eye exam, and if you looking for Bluecut glasses we will finish it for you the same day! Visit us or book your eye exam online. 

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